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Pros and cons of cloud mining in 2019

There are many ways to get cryptocurrency today: it is enough to have a wallet and Internet access. But in order to receive a stable income, it is necessary to approach the choice of the method of earnings and the right company. Cloud mining in 2019 is a great way to make a profit. Each user is able to go through a short registration procedure and begin cryptocurrency mining in automatic mode.

Cloud mining is the rental of computing equipment from large mining farms. In other words, you buy mining equipment, but you don’t get it physically. The cloud mining service that you choose installs this equipment and sets it up for work in own data centers, and you don’t have to do almost anything. The only thing you need to do is to register at one of the services and buy power there. After that, the purchased capacity will bring you income in the form of cryptocurrency.

The essence of this process lies in the fact that the owners and creators of a large farm attract the investments they need for development, offering in return some of the involved powers of their computing equipment. As a result, all parties have profit, since tenants receive a cryptocurrency, and the creators of the farm have the opportunity to grow.

Main advantages and disadvantages of cloud mining

To verify the relevance of such a source of income, it is necessary to explore all its features. Only after making sure that the positives prevail over the negative ones, you should get down to business.

The main advantages of cloud mining:

· It is easy to get started with cloud mining. You do not need any special knowledge or skills. Register on the service you like, pay money and start earning income in the form of cryptocurrency.

· Availability — for ordinary mining, you need to buy all the equipment, which is quite expensive. In cloud mining, you can buy any part from the equipment and receive income proportional to the part you purchased, as well as save money on the purchase using, for example, genesis promo code.

Cons are not so significant, but they should also be highlighted:

· Less profit. Of course, cloud mining services will not work at a loss. They sell the power with a surcharge. Thus, the money invested in cloud mining will come back to you slower than if you built a mining farm yourself.

· The equipment for which you paid in fact does not belong to you. You just rented it. If suddenly this service closes or something happens, you can’t get this equipment.

· Fraud. As you understand, the Internet is full of scammers and of course there are people who create fake cloud mining sites.

How to choose a reliable company for cloud mining

Considering the listed risks and the rapid development of the described sphere, it is almost impossible to name the best sites. There are enough trustworthy companies. Users should look to:

· Genesis Mining;

· Hash Flare;

· Hasing24.

Each representative of this list has its own positive and negative sides. Many companies have been on the market for several years and have proven their sustainability. Others offer work with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, and others have a clear and user-friendly interface. The final choice depends only on the desires, requirements and requests of the client.

Also, when choosing a company, it is worth considering the availability of the bonus program and the opportunity to receive an additional discount using promotional offers, such as ledger promo code. Also, many portals offer a profitable referral program. With its help, you can get accruals on a cryptocurrency wallet for each attracted new user. All this will make your mining investment even more profitable.